We all have that one pair of jeans that has seen better days and has fit through thick and thin.....literally. This one, is the 'IT' for me, it is a stretch....I mean it fits no matter how many calories I add. It is high wasted....gives the 90's vibe. I can wear it with any type of tops, be it oversized or cropped.

On this particular Saturday, I was meeting my girls for icecream.....yea the sun is literally blaring its teeth out. Much hotter days expected.

I went for an oversized boyfriend shirt and decided to tuck it in to balance the silhouette.

The accessories were minimal but bold. I especially j'adore this heart shaped aviators

.....and how cute are the bow earrings

I let the curly hair out and I was good to go.

Oh and the shoes.....am in love with these babies, how fierce are they? Gladiators are very much in vogue and they can literally go with anything.

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Jeans & Shirt- My closet

Gladiator sandals- Glam Shoe

Aviators, Neckpiece, Midi rings- Excel shopping mall

Earrings- Super cosmetics

Hello fashionettes, its been a looong minute. I apologise for the long hiatus, it was unavoidable but am glad to be back. Feel a lil' bit rusty when it comes to blogging, but oh well, lets do this.
I moved to the coastal of Kenya, and all I can say is, the weather is  amazing and a mini will do, any day any time. I loved this number, mostly the print and the long sleeves balance up the length, and the fact that most bold colored shoes would complement the dress.
I went with strappy sandals....I loved the way simplified and toned down the busy print. As for the hair cut, I decided to go for an edgy cropped bob.....I have tried it before but I find I am more open to trying out new stuff with my hair.
There you have it, drop me a comment and Thanks for visiting!

                                      Tribal Dress- Thrifted
                                       Strappy Sandals- Zara Basic
                                       Bow ring, Earrings- Excel shopping centre
Happy new week fashionettes, hope you had a fabulous weekend. It was all about appreciating the women and Happy belated International Women's day to all the ladies out there.
You guys, am obsessed with skirts.....like I can't stop wearing them. If you have seen all my previous posts from this year, its skirts and dresses. One thing I love about them though is that they are super versatile, there are 100 ways of wearing them. Another is that if worn well, they are uber stylish and they bring out the feminity in you.
I got this coral printed one sometime back, i have no idea how long I have had it, but I just happen to fish it out of my closet and boy was I sorry I had not thought of it before. It was fun and flirty, the mini length was just perfect for the hot sun outside and how gorge is the print on it. I decided to do a color block, its been a while since I did a flurry of colors. Since the skirt was a high waist, I went for a burgundy red Victoria secret top
In the spirit of color blocking, I went for mint green capped toes, neon green earrings and an emerald green neck piece. I added the black geeks for an edge to the outfit
                                          MY ACCESSORIES
Am not much of an arm candy person, but this time round, i decided to pile it on. I am in love with the British flag guitar ring, currently my fave accessory.
                                                  Coral skirt- Thrifted
                                                  Burgundy top- Victoria secret
                                                  Mint green capped toes- Club Couture
                                                  All accessories- Excel shopping mall

There you go, thanks for stopping by, drop me a line and tell what you think of this outfit.
As you all have noticed, i find myself drawn to dresses and skirts oflate, I still have to figure out whats up with that. This day, I decided to do different shades of denim to achieve my monochromatic effect rather than matchy matchy. The skirt is a darker shade while the shirt was lighter. What i love mostly about the skirt is the wrap and midi length.
To break down the outfit from being too casual, i decided to add pops of color with the neon bib necklace, neon pink neckpiece that I used as a bracelet and earrings. I realised that when I tucked in the shirt, It looked frumpy, so I settled for a cropped looked and tied the shirt at the waist baring a little midriff.
The milky white sandals were a plus for me especially to add a twist to the outfit and some flirt to the whole ensemble
                                            Denim shirt- Gap
                                            Denim skirt- Thrifted
                                            White sandals- Bobo's
                                            Neckpieces- Excel shopping mall
The last few days, have been the hardest I have ever experienced in my life and It made me sit and evaluate my life in a way I have never done before. I lost the only grandma' I have ever known and It really shook me up because I was fortunate enough to take after her ethnic name and still be with her till the day she left for the hospital and passed on a few hours later. But on the morning of her burial, we got attacked by thugs at home and I really thought I would lose my brother as they mercilessy injured him, but a surgery later hes doing really well and I can only thank God for the far He's brought us.....Every new day I can only be grateful for the gift of life. In this post, its all about the dark moments gearing up to the grey shades and hopefully for the brighter days to come. All i can do is thank all my closest friends and family for being there for me through It all and for the strength this adversity has given us all and brought together my family.
Hello fashionettes,  I hope you are having a lovely week. A wrap dress or skirt is one of those closet staples every gal should own. This classic piece was created by Diane Von Furstenberg in the 60's and ever since its been a revolution in the fashion industry.  its ideal for every shape and size and it flaunts what your momma gave ya.

I found this skirt in my shopping escapades and loved it from the word go. It drapes so well and I love the rouching at the front. The color and paisley print was a plus, and the fact that it was midi, yea am totally obscessed.

I paired it with a lace cropped top, played peekaboo with the midriff and showed some leg at the front since the outfit is all covered up. I finished it off with ankle strap sandals to add some glamour and sexiness to the outfit, then carried this bronze clutch I was gifted by my mum.

I kept the accessories minimal and simple because the skirt was loud enough
                                                     Ankle strap sandals- Guess
                                                     Top & skirt- Toi market
                                                     Clutch bag- Gifted by mum
                                            Hello kitty necklace & Spiked earrings- Excel shopping mall

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Ta ta,
This weekend was a dressy affair for me, On Saturday I did the stripped dress and on Sunday this particular body con one.I have an obsession for midi skirts and dresses, I love the way they skim through the body and are figure flattering. I got this Top shop dress as I was thrifting and I liked the red wine color and mostly the length and it was just perfectly fitting. But what I love the most about this dress is; you can dress it up or down, you can add a fitting blazer for an office wear look. You can also glam it up for an evening look or you can just pull it off as i did.
I decided to let the dress stand for itself, so I went for nude platforms, I had wished to do strappy sandals but I could not get any from my closet that complemented the dress so I settled for these peeptoes
 I went for pastel accessories, my nail polish and huge ring. And I love me this spiked earrings......it brought some edginess to the outfit
                                         Red wine dress- Thrifted (Topshop)
                                         Nude platforms- Ericos collection
                                         Spike earrings, Neck piece, Ring- Excel shopping mall
                                         Envelope clutch- Atmosphere

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I got a confession to make, I love me some rugby.....and its not about the well built men running around with an egg shaped ball (okay who am I kidding) its a plus though *wink. When I want to unwind, its the surest way of letting go. So this Saturday, I was at the RFUEA grounds rooting for my team, which eventually lost *sad sigh* but too much fun to dampen my spirits.
I was looking for something uber comfortable, stylish and still girly at the same time. So, i opted for this stripped maxi, fitting and with a pencil hem. I always find that black and white stripes always go well with bold hues, hence the edgy red flatties and the neon green skinny belt.
For a summer chic look, I added the straw fedora and the vintage chanel hobo cross body bag and finish it off with a bold lip.
My accessories were few; i love this hello kitty pendant....its sooo cute, a cross ring and tiny neon pink earrings.
                                            Stripped maxi- Thrifted
                                            Fedora- Gikomba
                                            Neon belt- Gikomba
                                            Red flatties- Toi market
                                            Earrings, cross ring- Excel shopping mall
                                            Hobo bag- Vintage chanel
Happy new year friends.....well i think its too belated for that now, especially since its the last day of January, who is feeling all good riddance to the month like me....yep t'was really a crazy month, aren't I glad its over. One thing i love about January though, its the best time of the year to go for accessory, shoes and outfit shopping. You might think am cuckoo for saying that but picture this, after the crazy December hiked up prices and with people overspending over the holidays.......merchants are willing to sell their wares at a bargainable price because not a lot of peeps are shopping at this time.
Well, onto my outfit......This is an outfit I wore for lunch with a good friend. I have had this skirt for a while but i just never had the perfect top to pull it with. So when I was closet cleaning the other day, I came across this stripped body con dress (yes its a dress) and I thought it would be a match, and I was right. It was fitting and ideal for such a skirt since it has lots of drama and puffiness.
                    I am so in love with the bows at the back....its sooo unexpected
I finished off the look with a bold crimson red color, in the platforms and geeks. I wanted the geeks for a more playful finish. Then, a floral belt and a weaved multicolored purse, and a hint of neon green with the bib necklace. I held my hair in a pony and complemented it with these sky blue loops.
                                              Stipped body con dress- H&M
                                              Tu-tu skirt- Thrifted
                                              Floral belt- Thrifted
                                              Neon neckpiece and Bangle- Perida centre
                                              Crimson platforms- Erico's collection
                                              Woven purse- Thrifted
There you have it, Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think of my outfit;
Coco Chanel, one of my style icons, perhaps said it best: "Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. ... [Its] beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony." Everyone looks amazing in black, it is elegant and chic; black is slimming; black looks good on all skin tones; black looks good with all hair colors; black looks as good on men as it does on women. The dress code makes clothes buying and getting dressed in the morning easier.
One thing you should put in mind while pulling together an all black outfit is, vary the fabrics and in my case, i went for a sheer oversized blouse with spandex leggings. My shoes were patent leather Louboutins so I figured out pointy heels would balance off the outfit.
Another advantage with going for a lack outfit is you are allowed to go all out with your accessories, you can pull a bold color or just go for less but visible  bronze accessories as I did. The neckpiece is a converted chain belt. I had a bold red lip and statement bronze earrings
                      Oh yea, this blouse has a hood.....how retro is that?
This is a very simple look, anyone can pull it, and if you arent a heels person you can go for some nice flatties. You can turn it into a party outfit or an everyday simple go to look, amazing isn't it?

                                                                 Black pointy heels- Christian Louboutin
                                                                 Black tights- H&M
                                                                 Black sheer blouse- Thrifted
                                                                 Animal print bag- Marc by Marc J