Happy new week fashionettes, hope you had a fabulous weekend. It was all about appreciating the women and Happy belated International Women's day to all the ladies out there.
You guys, am obsessed with skirts.....like I can't stop wearing them. If you have seen all my previous posts from this year, its skirts and dresses. One thing I love about them though is that they are super versatile, there are 100 ways of wearing them. Another is that if worn well, they are uber stylish and they bring out the feminity in you.
I got this coral printed one sometime back, i have no idea how long I have had it, but I just happen to fish it out of my closet and boy was I sorry I had not thought of it before. It was fun and flirty, the mini length was just perfect for the hot sun outside and how gorge is the print on it. I decided to do a color block, its been a while since I did a flurry of colors. Since the skirt was a high waist, I went for a burgundy red Victoria secret top
In the spirit of color blocking, I went for mint green capped toes, neon green earrings and an emerald green neck piece. I added the black geeks for an edge to the outfit
                                          MY ACCESSORIES
Am not much of an arm candy person, but this time round, i decided to pile it on. I am in love with the British flag guitar ring, currently my fave accessory.
                                                  Coral skirt- Thrifted
                                                  Burgundy top- Victoria secret
                                                  Mint green capped toes- Club Couture
                                                  All accessories- Excel shopping mall

There you go, thanks for stopping by, drop me a line and tell what you think of this outfit.
3/9/2014 10:58:31 pm

Love the skeleton key ring!!

3/10/2014 03:37:57 pm

Thanks wangu

3/11/2014 06:42:51 am


4/2/2014 02:23:50 am

Thanks paul

3/20/2014 04:51:01 pm

Love the bright yellow earings and the yellow detail in the skirt. I'm almost wishing you were wearing bright yellow shoes. But anyway it is still a great outfit.

Chez Maureen
4/2/2014 02:13:43 am

Thanks Almasi.......yellow sounds awesome too

7/14/2014 09:44:42 pm

Why am I right now discovering this stylish blog? I love love love. I'm a bit fashion dead but I can spot perfection. Your dress is to die for and the colour blocking made the whole look come together.


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