Happy new year friends.....well i think its too belated for that now, especially since its the last day of January, who is feeling all good riddance to the month like me....yep t'was really a crazy month, aren't I glad its over. One thing i love about January though, its the best time of the year to go for accessory, shoes and outfit shopping. You might think am cuckoo for saying that but picture this, after the crazy December hiked up prices and with people overspending over the holidays.......merchants are willing to sell their wares at a bargainable price because not a lot of peeps are shopping at this time.
Well, onto my outfit......This is an outfit I wore for lunch with a good friend. I have had this skirt for a while but i just never had the perfect top to pull it with. So when I was closet cleaning the other day, I came across this stripped body con dress (yes its a dress) and I thought it would be a match, and I was right. It was fitting and ideal for such a skirt since it has lots of drama and puffiness.
                    I am so in love with the bows at the back....its sooo unexpected
I finished off the look with a bold crimson red color, in the platforms and geeks. I wanted the geeks for a more playful finish. Then, a floral belt and a weaved multicolored purse, and a hint of neon green with the bib necklace. I held my hair in a pony and complemented it with these sky blue loops.
                                              Stipped body con dress- H&M
                                              Tu-tu skirt- Thrifted
                                              Floral belt- Thrifted
                                              Neon neckpiece and Bangle- Perida centre
                                              Crimson platforms- Erico's collection
                                              Woven purse- Thrifted
There you have it, Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think of my outfit;
1/30/2014 04:41:43 pm

you look amazing i totally love the outfit and the shoes gorgeous....

1/30/2014 06:00:33 pm

Thanks Shantel

1/30/2014 04:48:44 pm

Maureen, Aren't I glad that the month is over.. January just has a certain lazy feel to it. I love how you look. I love the skirt, the shoes, the hair. Im stealing tips.


1/30/2014 05:39:13 pm

i think you look good but there is too much colour going on on your upper part,red yellow,blue,black and white.

1/30/2014 06:06:23 pm

Thanks Mwesh,but I found the baby blue to be very subtle, thats why I added pops of color with the neon and red geeks.

1/30/2014 06:15:46 pm

whoooo yea, am totally excited for the new month. thanks dear, you can steal away

1/30/2014 06:30:21 pm

looking good girl...such a fun outfit.x

1/30/2014 06:40:12 pm

Thanks Nancie

2/5/2014 12:46:08 am

Looking very pretty, I love the outfit

Chez Maureen
2/5/2014 04:05:47 pm

Thanks Mel

dan k
5/20/2014 12:45:10 am

lovely outfit ;-)


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