Hi y'all feels like a minute but got down with a bout of flu last week and it was the worst i have ever had. But am fine and am believing you to be fab too.
Well i finally got to do my hair and i went for something very simple that i can play around with.
I got this denim shirt dress in Machakos as i was visiting home a few weeks ago and i could not wait to dress it up. There are countless ways to wear this dress and i will break it down for you as time goes by.
I wore it simply just like a dress, buttoned it up and added a gold collar necklace to spruce up the outfit
I added a pop of color with the tangerine tassel earrings and held my hair up in a side pony and roped it up.
Finished it off with these bronze peep toe ankle boots from chinese laundry with ruffles and carried a brown leather bag
11/21/2012 04:40:11 am

beautiful...everything luks gud on u so brace urself for such comments...i like

Chez Maureen
11/21/2012 11:20:41 pm

Thanks dear

12/17/2016 11:26:36 pm

I feel a lot more people need to read this, very good info! ..


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