Lately, I have been obsessed with cropped tops especially the hot sweaty days. I wore this look for a simple day going shoe shopping with my gals, It was versatile and incase it got chilly, all I had to do was button up the denim vest I had on top. I grabbed my fedora straw hat, sun glasses and these leather capped cute flatties with clear sides (read,my new obsession). I am not much of a leggings fan but I decided to do these with a simple look.
                             THE HOT PINK HI-LO TOP

My second look, I wore for just day in town with my siz, I went for a lil' color blocking and cargo pants. The shoes, I got in my shopping escapade mentioned above...I hesitated buying it but my gal...Jules convinced and I owe her one for that, I loved the tiers and the ankle bootish look it has. I then carried my oversized floral purse.
7/11/2013 03:09:01 am

that striped look...loooooove it.looking good mami

Chez Maureen
7/12/2013 05:09:23 am

Thanks ma

7/13/2013 12:33:51 am

Love both looks....each is unique in its own way

Chez Maureen
7/14/2013 01:34:39 am

Thanks mel


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