Many ladies shy away from the biker jacket, its not only for the biker riders  but you can make
it a wadrobe staple and incorporate it into your feminine outfits and still look super chic.
The jacket adds some oomph and edginess to the look making you stand out from the crowd. Just remember to add pops of color to the look, it balances the edgy effect the jacket invokes. I
have illustrated the 6 ways out of numerous that you can wear this jacket.

Day look:  Go for a preppy look with the red skirt, white collar shirt accessorised with a nautical stripped bow tie, a straw fedora and lime green geek glasses. Finish it off with zebra print ballet flats.

Night look: Glam the skirt up with a sequined blouse, spiked box clutch and electric blue platforms. Add some elegance with the bow diamond earrings
A mullet is a skirt or dress that is short at the front and long at the back or many people would call it the hi- low skirts/ dresses that rocked the runways is ss2012. There are mixed feelings about this it in the fashion elite by personally tend to be fascinated by it. I find it to be like a revised version of the maxi skirt/ dress this time with an edge of showing some leg.
They are fun and flattering to and ensure they come in a very light flowy material
1. For a bold modern look wear with a tank top or chunky jewellery, though do not exceed the accessories as the skirt draws a lot of attention by itself.
2. The heels and flat shoes go well with this type of skirt. But i would prefer the heels more as they make it super chic and sexy.
3. Look for one you can dress up for an event or down for a casual day to day activity.
4. Wear it with a fitted top or blouse
5. Decide the length of the front and back hemline. You can try a long train for an evening occasion or shorter variant for a cocktail party or a casual look.

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This is a wardrobe staple in the boyfriend trend collection, you can wear it as a mini as shown below, over some short shorts, in leggings.....for more details see my closet page for my version of this look
This is a fall trend and has been spotted in catwalks this season. This classy tailored pants are a very elegant way for every lady to dress up
                                                      Ellie saab
                                                   Louis vutton
                                                      Jason Wu
Celebrities in the pant suit trend
Wondering what to accessorise your hair's some inspiration from Leighton Meester in gossip girl wardrobe collection.
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This shoes are a classic, they went on a fashion hiatus but now they are back  this time in an array of colors, patterns and oh so damn sizzling hot
                                                                    pictures courtesy of elle
toe heels and flats look phenomenal with a variety of looks. You can pair them with flared or skinny jeans, trousers and pencil skirts. While some styles are more dramatic than others, this shoe can be worn during the day and also at night.
See below Kim K in evening wear and yours truly in a day a similar hot pink number
The july cold putting you down? Why wear one lovely piece when you can wear several?  Layering clothes is exactly that. It’s when you put one piece over another.  However, it must be done with caution.  You don’t want to end up looking like an eskimo and bulky or as if you’re on your way to visit to the antartica.
Not willing to go overboard? you can try simple pieces like the ones below
                                         Christine Sasha of the Fashionista mansion - image courtesy of                                                                                            
She has a layered a little woolen vest with the green lace dress and the cobalt blue blazer.
          Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts (image courtesy of Vanessa Jackman) 
She makes this trend look simple. The combination of her sheer pleated skirt and oversized jumper could look boring, but with the addition of a printed scarf adds color, and lets the fluidity of the skirt become the feature piece in her outfit.
Keep it stylish while cold......
Hello fashion rangers, have you heard of the white on white trend, well its back for spring 2012 and am so excited. Lately i went thrifting and i did not realise it till later that almost everything i got was white in color. When that happens i know that its currently on trend  and i got to look into it. Well white on white is a really elegant and sophisticated look to pull and it screams classy.

Do mix up different tones of white for a sophisticated look.

Don’t pair an all white outfit with white shoes and handbag. White looks best paired with neutrals like wood, nude or metallic shades.

Do pair white with accessories that have a bright pop of color like cobalt blue, red, yellow etc.

Don’t wear white pants that you can see through or that reveal pocket lining thats a definite fashion faux par.

Don’t wear white pants that are too tight because they will show every lump and bump.

Do wear white with the right undergarments. Wear skin tone underwear and a skin tone bra, not white, which will show through.....unless you want to be in the fashion police radar

Don’t ever wear white stockings with a white dress. That screams too much and overboard and remember we are trying to go for elegance

                                             pictures courtesy of chic fashionista
White doesn’t have to be boring if you know how to accessorize. Add a few pieces with metal, sequins, beading and rhinestones to sparkle and shine. Gold accent on winter white looks rich and warm.

Accessories to make white sparkle:

  • White or gold sequined hairband.
  • Shiny gold belt
  • Stacks of gold bangles
  • Layers of gold chains. Well now am sure am a sucker for gold on white it does not take the attention off the outfit but complements it really well. I cant wait to try it on.....i will sure keep you posted and the pictures on my closet page.

                                        chloe spiring 2011-white dress collection
 Varieties of peplums

Peplum blazers

Peplum dresses

Peplum skirts

Peplum swim wear

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