This shoes are a classic, they went on a fashion hiatus but now they are back  this time in an array of colors, patterns and oh so damn sizzling hot
                                                                    pictures courtesy of elle
toe heels and flats look phenomenal with a variety of looks. You can pair them with flared or skinny jeans, trousers and pencil skirts. While some styles are more dramatic than others, this shoe can be worn during the day and also at night.
See below Kim K in evening wear and yours truly in a day a similar hot pink number
08/26/2012 5:17am

by now u must know am a total addict of this trend.i should start buying samthing different.

Chez Maureen
08/26/2012 12:51pm

eish mamasita u not only are obsessed with those shoes......we should do project getting you platforms


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