The july cold putting you down? Why wear one lovely piece when you can wear several?  Layering clothes is exactly that. It’s when you put one piece over another.  However, it must be done with caution.  You don’t want to end up looking like an eskimo and bulky or as if you’re on your way to visit to the antartica.
Not willing to go overboard? you can try simple pieces like the ones below
                                         Christine Sasha of the Fashionista mansion - image courtesy of                                                                                            
She has a layered a little woolen vest with the green lace dress and the cobalt blue blazer.
          Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts (image courtesy of Vanessa Jackman) 
She makes this trend look simple. The combination of her sheer pleated skirt and oversized jumper could look boring, but with the addition of a printed scarf adds color, and lets the fluidity of the skirt become the feature piece in her outfit.
Keep it stylish while cold......

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