A mullet is a skirt or dress that is short at the front and long at the back or many people would call it the hi- low skirts/ dresses that rocked the runways is ss2012. There are mixed feelings about this it in the fashion elite by personally tend to be fascinated by it. I find it to be like a revised version of the maxi skirt/ dress this time with an edge of showing some leg.
They are fun and flattering to and ensure they come in a very light flowy material
1. For a bold modern look wear with a tank top or chunky jewellery, though do not exceed the accessories as the skirt draws a lot of attention by itself.
2. The heels and flat shoes go well with this type of skirt. But i would prefer the heels more as they make it super chic and sexy.
3. Look for one you can dress up for an event or down for a casual day to day activity.
4. Wear it with a fitted top or blouse
5. Decide the length of the front and back hemline. You can try a long train for an evening occasion or shorter variant for a cocktail party or a casual look.

                              pictures courtesy of lookbook.nu