Well i had to do this post on the male carrot pants especially after last night's on uproar on the tusker project contestant Jackson who wore one of these.

What happens when you combine a harem pant and a tailored trouser? You get a  handsome carrot pant, this maybe a fashion no no for most people gauging on the reaction on last night's fashion mishap. But fellow my fashionistas will agree with me that any publicity is good publicity and trust u me, everyone now knows Jackson, so let me just get to it and illustrate to you what a carrot pant really is......

You may be asking yourself what are these “carrot pants”  to which I reply they are sort of like modern day “mc-hammer” pants. They are baggy up top with a wicked long crotch line and then tapper towards the bottom creating a carrot shape....epic right?...i know

Here are some well worn carrot pants
Tusker project contestant Jackson performing....well...
with now famous carrot pants

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