Well i had to do this post on the male carrot pants especially after last night's on uproar on the tusker project contestant Jackson who wore one of these.

What happens when you combine a harem pant and a tailored trouser? You get a  handsome carrot pant, this maybe a fashion no no for most people gauging on the reaction on last night's fashion mishap. But fellow my fashionistas will agree with me that any publicity is good publicity and trust u me, everyone now knows Jackson, so let me just get to it and illustrate to you what a carrot pant really is......

You may be asking yourself what are these “carrot pants”  to which I reply they are sort of like modern day “mc-hammer” pants. They are baggy up top with a wicked long crotch line and then tapper towards the bottom creating a carrot shape....epic right?...i know

Here are some well worn carrot pants
Tusker project contestant Jackson performing....well...
with now famous carrot pants

Whether you choose an asymetrical biker style jacket or a comfy boyfriend blazer the statement jacket is a smart way to layer up for  this cold weather

The cold is back! this however should not cramp your style, revamp your wardrobe with a statement jacket and pair it up with your favourite jeans, dress and skirt and still look exquisite while at it


Our clothes are often an expression of our spirit and character so there is nothing wrong in finding a style that suits you. Confused? check out these personality types and gauge where you fall in

1. The Classicists

These women prefer basics — the T-shirt, blazer, white shirt, suit, and trousers — and look effortlessly chic in simple staple pieces.

Embrace tradition. Sticking with things that have stood the test of time is often the key to looking clean and elegant.

Say "no thanks" to trends. The hottest and newest don't always suit a simpler style. If intrigued by a trend, incorporate it into your look in a subtle way, maybe with an accessory.

Keep a clean line. Frivolity, frills, and fanciful cuts are not in tune with a more established approach to dressing.

Pick a pared-down palette. Black, white, navy, gray, and khaki are classic. When going for color, stick to print-free pieces in straightforward shapes.

2. The bombshell

Sexy is the mantra for these women. And for them, picking pieces that show off a curvy, feminine figure is the norm.

The Bombshell fashion personality is a woman who wants to be noticed, in the style of Jennifer Lopez or Sophia Loren. Think sexy and sultry with body-con dresses, deep V-necklines and high slits. The Bombshell embraces figure-hugging clothing in single-color blocks of neon and monochrome which embraces curves.

Look for clothes that accentuate the hourglass. Deep V’s and high slits are de rigueur.

Choose body-hugging, figure-flattering cuts. Avoid sack dresses, dirndls, masculine tailoring, and anything with too much coverage.

Brights, white, and black all work in solid shades. Prints, patterns, and elaborate embellishment detract from the focal point, your body.

P.S:  When dressing like a sultry siren, be prepared to draw attention to yourself.

3. The Bohemians

Bell-bottoms may have given way to breezy gowns, but these free spirited style setters love earthy, ethnic-inspired looks.
The Bohemian fashion personality reflects women who are carefree, romantic and free-spirited such as Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson. Pieces are layered in different textures to give a girlie look along with lashings of girlie prints and funky patterns along with rainbow colors.

Stay chic. Dressing like a modern-day flower child isn't license to look sloppy.

Master the mix. Layering pieces, pairing new with vintage, and combining multiple textures all add to the appeal.

Banish plain shades. Wearing a rainbow of colors highlights a carefree demeanor.

Play up prints. Swirly paisleys, pretty florals, retro patterns — the haute-hippie chick can pull off funky patterns.

4. The Ladies

Think Grace Kelly swing skirts and elegant white gloves. This fashion personality is all about showing off the waist in feminine (but not flirty) high-quality fabrics and which show off the waistline but not much else. Feminine detailing such lace, a ruffle is not overdone and colors are classic rather than over-the-top. Audrey Hepburn, Renne Zellweger, Nicole Kidman also embody this style

Keep it feminine but not flirty. Pick a silhouette that shows off your waist but not too much else. If you want to show some skin, choose one erogenous zone — like your shoulders, ankles, or décolletage — at a time.

Add charm. A bow, a touch of lace, or a slight ruffle offers a sweet edge. But keep it to one or two flourishes.

Classic colors are most appropriate. Black and white will never fail you. Avoid anything over-the-top or garish. If you want to add color, try a red shoe or lip.

Fabric counts. Look for structured, high-quality materials. Anything too flimsy or sheer should be shunned.

5. The Mavericks

New designers? Avant-garde cuts? Bold looks? Bring them on. This fashion-forward group is not afraid to experiment.

Don't follow the pack. Look for pieces no one else has and start your own trends. (People will follow!)

Relish the unexpected. The dress code calls for black tie? Try a short dress studded with sequins instead of the usual floor-length gown.

Seek out unique colors and trimmings. Think taxicab yellow or marabou feathers.

To add just a slight edge to your style, try working a supermodern accessory or two into your look.

6. The Minimalists

The Minimalist fashion personality (such as Angelia Jolie) is a woman whose style is more reserved, wearing pieces with clean cuts and fitted lines. Think simple, sharp and smart shapes in monochrome. Loud colors are shunned in favor or a toned-down palette. Embellishments, frills and other frivolous detailing are left at home.

Sleek, simple shapes in a monochrome, toned-down palette are what keep this clan looking sharp and smart.

Black is your best friend. The no-frills hue always works, whether in a skirt, top, pant, or dress.

Go for a lean line. Clothes that are cut close to the body but aren't overtly sexy will serve you well.

Keep it reserved. No need to be risqué or show too much skin.

Stay away from loud colors, embellishments, and fanciful details. They aren't your thing.

7. The Eclectics

It's all about having fun with fashion for these playful women. Bright colors, madcap pairings, and loud patterns are part of the package.

The eccentric fashion personality such as Gwen Stefani,Diane keaton and has fun with fashion and doesn’t take herself too seriously. They are fun to look at with a quirky eye-catching style e.g. a hat that no-one else would dare to wear, or imaginative use of fashion like a trenchcoat made from bubble wrap. Forget safe and appropriate. Think wacky mismatched pieces that leave dress codes at home.

Never say never. Follow your heart when it comes to picking out your clothes. Forget what's appropriate or safe, and don't take yourself too seriously.

Eye-catching hues and look-at-me motifs are par for the course.

Mixing and matching makes sense. Try a tailored jacket over a funky frock, for example.

Be wary of crossing the line into tackyville. Keep one piece pared down or your accessories classic when wearing something wacky.