The beauty of a tuxedo jacket its the versatility it brings to the table. This jacket can be worn from the formal day in the office to casual friday to the weekend with a pair of denim to literally anything else possible. This piece was originally masculine until the softer feminine vibe came into trend.
What i love about mine is the houndstooth print on it. I find it tricky to wear the print so i decided to go for nudes and whites because of its busy print.
I have had these pants for quite a while and they used to have suspenders until i chopped them off. I love the highwaisted feel to the them as they elongate my torso and shape it.
Then i topped it off with my crimson envelope clutch. I tend to to find red complimenting prints that are black and white.
                                                               Blazer- Toi Market
                                                               Pants- Paulo's
                                                               Polka wedges- Erico's collection
                                                               Envelope clutch- Maurice & Jodeci
                                                               White blouse- Thrifted
11/28/2012 04:20:47 pm

love the tuxedo blazer.

Chez Maureen
11/29/2012 02:58:53 pm

Thanks mamito

12/2/2012 05:02:57 pm

the blazer is sooo cool

Chez Maureen
3/10/2013 06:30:42 am

Thanks paul

12/17/2016 11:26:24 pm

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