Halloooo Halloooo.....whos more excited about the summer than me! yea, we been waiting for the cold to come to an end and now its time to unleash the dresses and all those cute little shorts we have been storing for the right time.

Well, this Saturday i had the honor of attending one of my childhood friend's wedding and was really humbled by the experience. I went for a very simple and demure look and for once I let out my hair down. My hair is very light and scattered so I tend to avoid having it down.
I went for this floral maxi with a pair or gold distressed heels with a cobalt blue suede front.
My accessories were very minimal....a pair of a pearl necklace that i turned into a bracelet, simple gold drop down bronze earrings, an owl bronze ring, an emerald green neckpiece and finished it off with a pink rouged lipstick.
                                                    Floral Maxi- Gees closet
                                                    Gold heels- Ericos Collection
                                                    Bronze earrings- Jaynes Collection
                                                    Neck piece, ring, pearls- Perida centre
9/16/2013 07:30:29 pm

For the record I am more excited about summer than you are.I love the dress and your hair looks good stop tripping.Love the shoes too.Thank God he gave you midget feet.

Chez Maureen
9/18/2013 03:18:35 am

Thanks darling....but we spoke too soon....Nairobi is raining cat and dogs...what a bummer!

9/18/2013 04:49:34 am

That sucks!

9/17/2013 08:37:40 pm

That dress is very beautiful.I wish I could see the shoes better though they look killer!!

Back to blogging btw-finally! http://mumbishokey.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/time-to-start/?fb_source=pubv1

Chez Maureen
9/18/2013 03:19:45 am

Thanks Shokey and welcome back....we missed you


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