I always find the boudoir family quite sexy and its only ideal for me to love lace. Its one of those fabrics thats here to stay and will always re occur in runways time after time.
The skirt i have done it before in a post before so this time i decided to spice the outfit up and pair it with this black lace blouse.
                          I added a neon pink belt to bring that pop of color
Then.....i carried this white vintage bag with flame details and finished it off with these orange suede bow heels
                    Then my oh so lovely kitenge earrings from Bri's African Relics collection
                                                                 Lace blouse- Thrifted
                                                                 Maxi skirt- Thrifted
                                                                 Tangerine pumps- Toi market
                                                                 Pearls- Perida centre
                                                                 Satchel bag- Thrifted
                                                                 Neon belt- Thrifted
                                                                 Kitenge earrings- African Relics
Later Gater,
Chez Maureen
12/2/2012 05:07:32 pm

u have used to many words just to say how amazing n sexy u luk in this

Chez Maureen
3/10/2013 06:32:44 am

Thank you

3/16/2013 05:33:13 am

This look is my favorite lace is sexy in every way!!!Plus the blue and orange kitten heels are adorbs:)

Only thing I think you should have probly toned down is the long earrings coz they steal attention from the pearl necklace...?

Chez Maureen
3/18/2013 05:45:57 am

Thanks for visiting my blog shokey......totally appreciate your views


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