Sup'  dolls, i believe you are having a superb week. Yesterday i went for the K.U culture week opening and this is what i wore
I am still a huge fan of nautical stripes as they tend to elongate my torso when worn as a shirt or blouse, so i got two of these sometime last week. I went for the button up shirt look  and tucked into the chinos
What i loved the most about this shirt is the lace detail at the back...i find it so demure
                    I rolled up the chinos and wore this woven yellow peep toes from Belluci
I accessorised the shirt with a golden statement bib necklace, then added the red skinny belt for  the final touch of the chinos. Then added the floral print inspired purse and i was ready for a sunny summer day out.
10/24/2012 02:48:03 am

Love the outfit.. That shirt stirs up diy ideas in my head..

Chez Maureen
10/25/2012 06:39:55 pm

Thanks gal....i knowwww i first saw it and was like 'why did i not think of this before?'

10/25/2012 02:53:08 am

I love everything and now you can borrow anything you want as long as i can borrow the top.lakini gal you shud smile.The gloomy face is mine remember?

10/25/2012 06:42:53 pm

Aiyayai did you just dare me to clean out your closet..... you can come for the shirt anytime you want for that matter. What gloomy face am trying to pull the poker model face tihihihih

3/16/2013 05:26:34 am

I have a similar blouse but fully striped what a coincidence!!!
I The red with the jungle green is interestingly off but the yellow twist to it jazzed it up I like:)

Chez Maureen
3/18/2013 05:54:27 am

Thanks gal.......I think I have a fetish for stripes....they just call out to me!


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