Howdy dolls, before  the maxi skirt trend came on i had never pictured myself wearing floor skimming lengthy skirts at any given time but i saw them on the runway and i could not wait to get myself one this piece. It has a drammatic feel and a graceful draping to it makes you feel swimming in it. It is so simple and it makes a statement on it own so i kept it the blouse basic with just a touch of lace. 
I decided to go for a chic minimalism look, nothing edgy just simple.The lace top, i totally like 'cause of the peekaboo cleavage it shows little without looking overdone. The basket is one of my fave bags ,its a carry all and am guilty of repeating it oftenly  especially when am running errands and going for a simple yet stylish look. It was a really a hot day so the sunglasses  were a must add-on. The clogs,i was dying to wear them since the last time i blogged about them just after i got them, hence thought i would match them with the top, they are super comfortable....i can actually run in them.The braids....well i cannnot wait to get them off....have you ever stalled a lil longer with  a hairstyle wondering what to do with your in one of those predicaments and oh.....i need me a good.....suggestions are exremely welcome.
Okay, i could not resist doing a swirl......... and the swift breeze was a good nudge and i was in a heavenly pool of awesomeness......felt like a lil girl...... 
8/25/2012 07:00:30 pm

awesome look...the basket is a nyc touch...and i think i read somewhere short u luk

Chez Maureen
8/25/2012 07:59:38 pm

Thanks dear

8/26/2012 03:38:42 pm

luv the luk n luvin how ur trying out new looks

Chez Maureen
9/1/2012 02:46:35 pm

Thanks gal......just trying to show peeps how to look stylish in anything


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