Happy Friday my good people......mmmh the smell of the weekend just drifting and I could not be happier....you know what am talking about! Lets talk fashion....right?
This is an outfit I wore last friday on my way to run a few errands....I have wrote about this maxi before in my blog archives,. so this time I decided to add a touch of boho and a lil' glam to it and brought in the cropped top with the pop of color and the accessories. I love how such a tops can change an outfit in a snap...I wore mine off shoulder for that peekaboo effect on the maxi.
       I had a thought to cinch it up at the waist but decided against it at the last minute.
I held my hair up in a high pony to show off this gorge emerald green drop earrings and added this cobalt blue bib necklace.
      Finished it off with a bold red lip, black booties and this magenta satchel bag!
                                            Maxi dress- H&M
                                            Cropped top- Topshop
                                            Booties- Ericos collection
                                            Satchel bag- Thrifted
                                            Earrings & Bib necklace - Excel shopping centre

There you have my stripes obcession, Lemmie know what you think of it.....

Chez Maureen!
5/23/2013 07:00:34 pm

That maxi if you get tired of it pass it along totally love the outfit

Chez Maureen
5/24/2013 02:16:03 am

Thanks Sasha.....you know I will *wink wink

5/23/2013 07:05:35 pm

great styling, i love the maxi dress. check out our striped post

Chez Maureen
5/24/2013 02:17:22 am

Thanks dear...will do

5/23/2013 07:53:30 pm

Love it!!That top is the business!!!you bought it from topshop?

Chez Maureen
5/24/2013 02:18:29 am

Thanks Tess...yes I did!

5/30/2013 12:46:45 am

Just figured out how I will rock my maxi.....love the outfit

Chez Maureen
6/3/2013 03:03:14 am

Thanks Mercy

5/31/2013 06:57:27 pm

Love everything about this outfit esp the maxi....I want

Chez Maureen
6/3/2013 03:04:05 am

Thanks sweets


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