This was a simple outfit for one of those hot days, we have bee experiencing *before the rain started in the evening and i freezed to bits* I forgot my jacket and well, i paid for it with the case of the chillys. Anywho, I went for a high- low black sheer vest and denim jeans.
              The accessories were color popping, to add an ooomph to the dull outfit and make it more glam without doing too much!
Am in love with this purple pinkish lipstick, I added the neon pink earrings to complement it
The oversize floral a carry it all though....the arms tire very fast, its overly fit for most occasions even night events!
                    Finally, the bronze ruffled peeptoe booties,I thought the peep toe would show some skin especially since i was basically covered up.
                                                     Hi-Lo Vest- Machakos flea market
                                                     Denim- Toi Market
                                                     Bronze Booties- Chinese Laundry
                                                     Blue & White pearls- DIY
                                                     Neon pink earrings- Perida Centre
                                                     Oversize Purse- Toi Market

Thanks for stopping by,
4/8/2013 01:18:53 am

I love your style,been following your blog for quite a while now good job!!! could you please do a lipstick review,telll us where you buy your lipstick? I need help in that area

Chez Maureen
4/8/2013 02:37:33 am

Hi Carol, thanks for being a fan.....will surely do a review. Keep visiting

4/9/2013 08:22:15 am

looking fab as usual mama.

Chez Maureen
4/11/2013 06:01:28 pm

Thanks funshion mistress

4/10/2013 03:20:50 am

At times simplicity is just the best.Love the bootie:)

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Chez Maureen
4/11/2013 06:00:19 pm

Thanks Shokey

4/12/2013 08:28:42 pm

Me LIKE! Simple and yet so elegant!

Chez Maureen
4/13/2013 06:33:35 pm

Thanks mami

4/22/2013 07:02:52 am

Love your style.. Those booties are gorge..

Chez Maureen
4/23/2013 09:44:47 pm

Thanks stylifiq....really appreciate your feedback


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