Beautiful month huh!  but super hot....I was excited about the elections and as we wait for the results how about a lil bit fashion talk. I wore this dress for church this sunday, its a vintage peplum I got while thrifting. This is one of the pieces that just calls out to me and a thousand ideas were alrealdy going thro' my mind.
The floral 90's look is sooo me, the lower part was Initially humongous but i decided to tailor it to my preference. I went  for the midi length and elongated the slit at the back.
I kept my accessories mnimal....a black suede clutch, cobalt blue pearls and peach H&M pointed pumps.
                                                                 Dress- Flea market
                                                                 Pointed pumps- H&M
                                                                 Suede clutch- Gifted
                                                                 Blue pearls- Malaika
                                                                 Floral ring, bronze earrings- Perida centre
Love n' Lollies,
Chez Maureen!
3/7/2013 04:52:10 pm

hi dear, i love your blog. and your from Kenya terrific. i would love to follow each other. check out our blog let us know

Chez Maureen
3/9/2013 07:18:43 pm

Hey...Thanks for checking out my blog and I have seen you around skul and dig your blog host is not compatible with blog loving or google friend connect but will surely bookmark your blog

3/31/2013 05:25:07 am

You're right...that look is sooooo 90's!
Especially love the peplum skirt + clutch + coral patent leather pumps styling.

- Marjory

Chez Maureen
3/31/2013 09:47:55 pm

Thanks Marjory, will definitely check your blog out


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