What do sheers, denim, bows and animal print have in common...you would ask....well, this post is the answer. I got on a lil bit of everything I love. A combination of playful cuteness and edginess defines this outfit and today I will let the pictures tell the story. The chained bow is a DIY....Whats your take....lemmie know what you think below!

Ta ta,
Chez Maureen
Hello dolls.......I wore this ensemble some time last week. I decided to go for a simple tee and skirt for a very casual day.
I played around with stripes my 2013 fave trend...the tee with medium horizontal stipes and the skirt's large vertical stripes. Then the tiny stripes on my strappy sandals
I kept the accessories very minimal but color popping with the tangerine bow, red floral earrings , a cobalt blue butterfly belt and a simple black chain bag
                                           Stripped tee- Thrifted
                                          Stripped skirt- Thrifted
                                          Sandals- Pisces
                                          Quilted Chain bag- Machakos flea market 
                                          Earrings- Perida centre
                                          Beaded bangle- Gifted
                                          Tangerine hair bow- Malaika
Chez Maureen
I have to say....i really love polka dots, theres just something about them that calls out to me, i find them fun and a teeney lil bit flirty in their own twisted way.
Thats why I mixed different polka dots in this outfit, the black on white in the blouse and the white on teal in the shoes
I have had these pants for a long time now, since '08 and i find them to be classic vintage and you can wear them in many different ways and they still don't go out of style.
I have to confess am currently obcessed with these shoes.....oh so cute and these  earrings, i find them to be just bold especially when i have my hair in a pony
I finished it off with a crimson red chain bag and minimal accessories so as not to compete with  the busy fabric
                                                               Polka dot blouse- Thrifted
                                                               Pants- Paulo's
                                                               Polka dot wedges- Ericos collection
                                                               Cross body bag- Machakos market
                                                               Hair- Expression braid
Coo Coo,
Chez Maureen