One of my current obcessions this season is simple t- shirts, I find them very versatile and playful. You can dress them up and down and still be super chic. I decided to do black and white give you an illusion of its simplicity without the colors and all.
 I paired it up with drop waisted pencil pants, a satchel bag and simple pumps for a day of running errands.
Well I cdn't leave you hanging no more.......heres a sneak peek of the outfit in color!
                                                                     MY ACCESSORIES:
                                                                MY CLOSET:
                                                               Pinkish cream printed tee- Thrifted
                                                               Pencil navy blue pants- Thrifted
                                                              Magenta Satchel- Machakos Flea market
                                                              Pink pumps- Atmosphere
                                                              Turqoise green belt- Thrifted
                                                              Avatars- Nairobi streets
                                                              Red & Gold button earrings- Malaika
                                                              Silver chain- Perida centre
                                                              Beaded bracelet- Gifted
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3/21/2013 06:38:56 pm

Maureen its just awesome to see how easy it is to have a perfect style

Chez Maureen
3/22/2013 05:45:27 am

Thanks such an inspiration

3/27/2013 02:27:48 am

Now that bag is worth a borrow!!:)

Chez Maureen
3/28/2013 07:18:47 am

Thanks Shokey

3/27/2013 02:28:24 am

My latest post

Chez Maureen
3/28/2013 07:19:43 am

Checking it out

Julz (foshizzy)
3/28/2013 08:34:19 am

u look amazing baby girl!!!!!

Chez Maureen
3/29/2013 05:33:50 am

Thanks booboo


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