Howdy dolls, before  the maxi skirt trend came on i had never pictured myself wearing floor skimming lengthy skirts at any given time but i saw them on the runway and i could not wait to get myself one this piece. It has a drammatic feel and a graceful draping to it makes you feel swimming in it. It is so simple and it makes a statement on it own so i kept it the blouse basic with just a touch of lace. 
I decided to go for a chic minimalism look, nothing edgy just simple.The lace top, i totally like 'cause of the peekaboo cleavage it shows little without looking overdone. The basket is one of my fave bags ,its a carry all and am guilty of repeating it oftenly  especially when am running errands and going for a simple yet stylish look. It was a really a hot day so the sunglasses  were a must add-on. The clogs,i was dying to wear them since the last time i blogged about them just after i got them, hence thought i would match them with the top, they are super comfortable....i can actually run in them.The braids....well i cannnot wait to get them off....have you ever stalled a lil longer with  a hairstyle wondering what to do with your in one of those predicaments and oh.....i need me a good.....suggestions are exremely welcome.
Okay, i could not resist doing a swirl......... and the swift breeze was a good nudge and i was in a heavenly pool of awesomeness......felt like a lil girl...... 
Hello fashion rangers, one more day to go and its the weekend....woop woop i can hardly wait. I have been doing lots of girly looks lately so this day, i decided to get in touch with my eclectic side of style.  Its a look i have done before sometime last year when the boyfriend
trousers were so in trend.... but is timeless. 
Lets get to the dish on my outfit. Am not really a denim jeans girl....i own like 3 pairs, this one was a gift from my cousin who got it from Italy its a united colors of benetton brand. She didn't know what to do with it and i was glad to show her how to wear it. As is the case with boyfriend jeans, i rolled them up to form a cuff upto my ankles and they should fit through the hips and thighs. Since my jeans were a lil' snug, i went for an oversize classic white boyfriend shirt....then i rolled them sleeves up to give a more relaxed yet feminine feeling away from the masculinity of the whole oufit.
I added a Moschino belt to give a touch of casualness to the jeans, then a pop of color with my Aldo hot pink pumps and finished it off with a vintage black chain bag i got from my mums 80's closet. Take a look i accessorised the bag with a pinch of scarf and tied to form a bow on it. I went for a Janelle monae hairstyle and rolled my braids to a turban like style
Hey there fashionettes, a new week, a new day, i gotta spring to my step this monday.....well the weather is amaze.... its a 'moanday' but its bright, sunny and lovely. What other better way to get through than to get inspired. This is one of my most favourite looks todate. I grabbed these pants at my thrifting sessions, and with a squeal of joy  i could not believe my luck. I had been looking for such a unique pair everywhere, they are absolutely stunning. They were a perfect fit- they have to be worn a size up so as not to be clingy but just flowy and easy breezy. The way they billow as you walk... I felt like Michelle Pfieffer in

Palazzo pants add dramatic style to your wardrobe. Flowing wide-leg design gives you a fashion-forward look that's easy to wear. I wore this outfit for a business meeting then later on a day with my lovely cousins. They are comfy and flow nicely while also looking professional, which makes them great for days in the office. The green tie neck blouse brought  some seriousness to the outfit without making it too casual. I wanted to avoid being drammatic so i added nautical striped button earrings to the look and baby pink heels then a pop of color with the red and gold buckle.
The channel bag was a total steal and am so in love with it, you can dress it up or down to the office or just an everyday bag. I got the pants and blouse in machakos (yea u heard me).
The pleated accents add a sophisticated touch to the pants. Make sure the high rise sits on the natural waistline for a classic silhoutte
Happy belated new month y'all, i have been quite lost and i really missed blogging, i think i am getting the hang of it nowadays and its getting to be part of my daily do's. Have you ever felt like the days are just rushing and you have no idea how its happening? i have been in one of those lately, i still can't believe its August but am really looking forward for the sweet summer, i have incredible outfits to try on.  Its really a frustrating time as the weather is transitioning from cold to the summer especially if you get caught up in some impromptu rain showers you did not anticipate. Well this was one of those days i wasn't sure of the weather so i decided to go for this 60s inspired retro dress. 
I liked it because of the vintagey feeling it exudes, the midi length and pleated bottom is so 1960s. I considered tailoring the length and making it shorter but was like nah.....i will go with it just as it is.
Thats why i paired it up with black tights and the high heeled brogues to add me some height otherwise flat shoes would make it look frumpy because of the heavy bottom of the dress. The fabric feels like a cotton blend and it has a cream colored attached collar and lapels on the sleeves and the bodice closes with a black colored button.
I kept the accessories simple and did white pearls, to add an elegant look for the whole outfit, my baby blue loops  and an amber orange chain bag. I roped my braids sideways to keep it simple. Well i got to say i was warm the rest of the day and i did not need a sweater, cover up or scarf and when the sun was out i was still cool because of the cotton fabric.