Iris van herpen's fall 2012 collection
Would you eat 50,000 gummy bears or wear them?
A dress inspired by the late Alexander McQueen made of 50,000 gummy bear candies has hit runways and caused a stir in the fashion world. Although rare, the dress is only one of several made of unusual materials.The colorful ensemble reportedly weighed 220 pounds and takes 3 people to carry it.Each of the 50,000 gummy bears was hand-glued to the steel frame, resulting
in a massively detailed garment designed for only one wear. Amaze isn't it......

Hope y'all keeping tabs on how my next birthday's cake should look like...... xoxo
How amaze is this african print inspired cake

    Chez Maureen

    "Chez"  french for in the house of. Hence Maureen's Fashion House


    July 2012